“That ain’t me”

About a year ago I decided to start a blog that highlights the multitude of thoughts and feelings all of us experience at different times in our lives (as seen through my eyes). However, what you may not know is that it took me the totality of that year to actually “publish” anything to the public. The reason? If I’m being honest it’s because I was concerned with my site being perfect. Well, maybe not perfect since I’m a recovering perfectionist and I try to eradicate that phrase from my vocabulary. Maybe the better way to phrase it is I wanted my site to be be reputable enough to seem worthy of someone to read and to, at a minimum, be comparable to the multitude of sites that other bloggers have created.

And then, I decided, fuck that. You may not know this about me but I am not a prototypical blogger. I’m also not a website developer. I’m not even that tech savvy, regardless of many people coming to me with their tech troubles. I’m a guy that likes to write. So, why not allow my blog to be good enough as it is? Don’t get me wrong, I did a ton of work trying to prepare a blog that was well thought out and user friendly. But I realized that in my pursuit of near perfection I was experiencing what is referred to as “paralysis through analysis.” How could anyone enjoy my blog if I never shared it?

I don’t want this to be a pity post or for folks to feel proud of me for finally deciding to make the blog public. I bring up this experience to remind each of us to be who we are. This is a lesson I remind myself of day after day because it’s easy to compare our circumstances to those of others. But what good does that do? One of my favorite rappers J. Cole sums this up perfectly in one of his songs “Love Yours”, take a listen when you have a chance.

Here’s to each of us being the only person we can be, ourselves!

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