Druid Hill Park Reservoir, Baltimore, MD
Druid Hill Park – Baltimore, MD

What is a Meditated Mindset?

Welcome to the Meditated Mindset blog! Let’s break it down. Being “meditated” means using the skill of mindfulness to be presently aware of what is happening in this current moment. This does not mean you have to be a skilled meditator or even meditate regularly to embody this practice. However, it can be useful to understand the essence of what meditation is and be able to incorporate this into your daily lives. Some forms of meditation focus on being aware of the sounds around you, noticing the breath or even partaking in activities such as yoga. Having the ability to call up this state of mind in every setting is both the journey and the destination we are striving for.

We all go through challenges in life. It is my hope that this page will provide a reminder to be present in the moment and respond, not react, to these internal and external experiences.

Sanity Please!?!?

If you’re anything like me than you could probably use a bit more peace and tranquility in your life. This blog was designed with you in mind!

Living Mindfully.

One of my favorite settings to practice mindfulness is in nature. Even though the art of being present can be mastered in any location, I’ve always felt the serenity that comes with nature is a perfect backdrop. Perhaps it has something to do with the overwhelming sense of calm or the subtle silence that helps bring the mind into a place of peace.

The sun shining over a ridge leading down into the shore. In the distance, a car drives down a road.

But what do you do when the hustle and bustle of the “real world” counteracts the need for stillness? As your favorite childhood coach would say “practice makes perfect.” And the beauty of mindfulness practice is that it can happen anywhere at anytime. We need only remember to start.

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